“Gendered discourse markers in Language?”

Das Autonome Schwulenreferat lädt ein zum Workshop:

Dens Dimins

Am Donnerstag, 24.01.2019 18:15 Uhr in A4 4-407

The talk is dedicated to gendered discourse markers in language. The notion of gender is a social construct (Simone de Beauvoir) that is characterized by hybridity. In literature, we speak of women’s writing, feminist writing, queer writing, conventional male chauvinist writing? What makes a writing masculine, feminine, queer? What factors are at play? Is there a special gendered relationship in the writing of the subject according to which gender group he, she or it belongs? Does the gendered construct depend on any particular society, be it patriarchal, liberal, totalitarian etc.? Michel Foucault notes that juridical systems of power produce the subjects they subsequently come to represent. Is gender variable, volitional, a matter of choice we represent? Which are the linguistic means of gender group identification apart from purely grammatical gender-assignment?

Dens Dimins is a PhD student in general linguistic from the University of Iceland. He was born in Latvia and studied classical philology and French. He has translated fiction from French, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Russian, German, Italian and Greek. He has taught literary theory. His interests include various disciplines of philology and contemporary philosophy.

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