Welcome to the independent department of gay students, in German we call it “Autonomes Schwulenreferat der Universität Oldenburg”.

You might feel attracted by guys, even though your parents are longing for a daughter-in-law? You might identify yourself as homosexual? Then feel welcome to drop in to our room inside the AStA wing of the cafeteria building/main building at the Haarentor campus. There is a weekly Queer Café on Wednesdays and an open door nearly every day. If you feel like you can even fully engage in planning further events with us!

At our meetings you can meet students with the same experiences as you might have. We try to be the place where you can get in touch with others, enjoy common events or start your own gay/queer project at the university.

Take part in the department’s activities and build up your link to the local crowd!

Opening hours
Monday by arrangement
Tuesday by arrangement
Wednesday by arrangement
Friday by arrangement


About us

As an independent department of the student’s council of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, we represent the gay students of our university. So it’s all about enabling gay life and increasing gay visibility at our university and in town. To achieve this, we organize cultural events or scientific talks. We aim at an increase in understanding of gay habits and thus, to decrease discrimination.

Find us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SchwulenreferatCvOUni/

  • Representation

We declare ourselves ‘independent’ because we are independent in our decision making and administer our own budget. At our plenary sessions you can directly join and have the right to vote if you are a gay student.

  • Open and safe space

Apart from meetings and public events you can contact us to talk about your experiences, your feelings or uncertainties. We try to provide you a safe space to address your concerns without embarrassment.

  • Financing/Support

The department often provides financial support for projects or initiatives which contribute to empowerment and antidiscrimination at our university. Furthermore, we support gay and queer life in Oldenburg which involves university students.

  • Library

Trying to fetch a book on gay or queer research? In the department’s library you can find over 900 journals, fiction, non-fiction and art books. Social sciences, education, psychology and German language/literature studies are the main focus of the collection. Books can be borrowed for free with the university library card.

  • Videos

You are more into watching movies than reading books? There is a huge pile of movies, shorts, and documentaries which you can borrow as well.